Thursday, June 26, 2014

This is another great example of
 "What is right with San Pedro."

We (San Pedro) welcome everyone!
Thank you to the PORT OF LA and the contractors/workers for building another piece of the San Pedro Waterfront redevelopment plan.
With a healthy decade of community input and participation in the design of the plans, residents should be thanked too.

Most importantly, this all would not have been possible without VISIONARY/business owner/community advocate, John Papadakis,
He (Papadakis) was the one with a plan of a walkway along the waterfront line from the "bridge to the breakwater". With a must remodel shops and safe places to visit

This idea was smart and was needed. "Once this promenade is built more and more restaurants and business will flourish" said Papadakis.
Well, Papadakis was more than right with redeveloped of Ports O Call and completion of 22nd st. marina and other projects are under way, It is really happening.

Our waterfront has seen more change in the past 10 years than the 30 years before.
On a personal note: I will never for get the "morning bike ride meeting" 13 years ago. On that overcast day, I set up the meeting between my boss Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal (now a congressman) and John Papadakis local restaurant business owner. They had never met before and I was able to pair them up along the dockside which proceeded with a bike ride from the "Bridge to the Breakwater". (John Papadakis played football with my dad in high school and continued to be a good friend of our family)
Papadakis was in need of funding for a feasibility study, conceptual plans and more support from elected officials.
Support he got.. from an excited Assemblyman. (Assemblyman Lowenthal was instrumentality on creating and leading the Long Beach waterfront redevelopment/aquarium of the Pacific) Lowenthal was able to obtain state funding to do the study in which founded the MAJOR need for this type of development in an area falling in decay.

I was honored to be able to bring two great visionaries together which grew momentum from that point forward.
Once again, We should all THANK John Papadakis. (I feel a portion, a section or the whole promenade be named, the "Papadakis Promenade".)
BUT in the meantime more work needs to be completed. The Port of LA has listened and as we can see taking physical steps to build the access to the water for not just San Pedro but for all visitors and the state of California. Work will continue in phases for the next 10 year. Be patient... this is a world class redevelopment and not a strip mall.
(FYI : no tax money is being used)

So... We invite you and your family and friends to rediscover San Pedro.
John M. Mavar
Lifelong resident, community activist etc. San Pedro and Harbor Area.
Rediscover San Pedro
PORT OF LA (more info on events and over plans)

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